Aaron Bovia

Director of Landscape Care

Aaron Bovia

Director of Landscape

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Aaron, born and raised in Southeast Louisiana, is an avid outdoorsman who takes pride in creating beautiful outdoor environments. Aaron started offering landscape services to his neighbors at the young age of thirteen.. The fulfillment of creating beautiful landscapes led him to a career in the field, and is the driving force behind the passion he has for his work today. He has over 10 years experience in this industry, 6 of which have been in operations and account management. His positive attitude and exceptional level of expertise solidifies his position as our Director of Landscape Care.


The fond childhood memories I have of walking with my grandfather in the wetlands of Louisiana instilled in me the love and respect for nature that I carry to this day. I enjoy spending my free time with my beautiful daughter, Presley. It is rare to find the two of us separated outside of work. I devote myself to being a great father, as well as a dedicated landscaper. I believe that giving excellence in every aspect of my life, and learning something new everyday is the only way to grow personally and professionally. I look forward to serving you!